The Dishwasher

Ravi, a Nepali student studying in America, struggles to live the American Dream on Fourth of July, America's Independence Day.

Tears Alive

Towns and villages that are home to the adivasi janajati, or indigenous groups, such as Tamang, Gurung and Magar, are the places that were most affected by the spring earthquakes in 2015. In addition to the indigenous groups, “low caste” groups such as the Dalits and women, are recorded to have the...

Machha Ko Sapana (Gills and Fins)

A young man and a young woman have migrated to the metropolis Kathmandu. In the ever-changing terrain of everyday life in the city, they continue to exist anonymously. As they anxiously negotiate their undistinguished urban existence, will their parallel lives ever intersect?

Laaz (The Shame)

Laaz (The Shame) is a satirical story. Bhagwaray has been recently freed from bonded labour in the plains of western Nepal. Amidst government's historic decision to abolish bonded labour, the lack of an effective government program to help the freed labourers’ transition to the ‘free’ society...


This humorous short revolves around Ramakanta and Tulasi, who are out and about shopping in Kathmandu for the upcoming Nepali festival, Dashera. Because of their inter-caste marriage, they cannot visit their families during the festival as they have been ostracized. The couple bicker; blame each...

Drawing the Tiger

Shot over a duration of seven years, Drawing the Tiger takes a sweeping view of one Nepali family’s daily struggle to survive off of subsistence farming. Things change when their daughter gets a scholarship. The film is a powerful rendition of pressure that an opportunity generates and the price...

Chhora (Son)

This compelling short drama showcases a complex relationship between a Nepali man, Krishna, who lives in France, and his son, Simon. Krishna has spent the better part of Simon's three-year-life in prison. While in prison, Krishna learns that his wife is leaving him and that his father passes...

Boy Across My Window

This documentary is a poignant portrayal of the mundane ritual of a boy on a terrace. He sweeps the floor, waters the plants, washes the dishes and clothes, and walks to the balustrade of the terrace to watch other kids of his age play soccer below. The terrace is his universe.

Bhagyale Bachekaharu (Nepal Earthquake: Heroes, Survivors and Miracles)

This documentary captures miraculous moments of survival in the wake of the twin earthquakes that struck Nepal in the spring of 2015. It incorporates historic footages from previous earthquakes, live footages of heroic rescues, and interviews with survivors to provide a moving firsthand account of...

TNFF 2016 Films

Press Release January 12, 2015 For Information: Niyati Adhikari Tel: 1-416-857-5317 Email: 7th ANNUAL TORONTO NEPALI FILM FESTIVAL Toronto, ON – Toronto Nepali Film Festival (TNFF) announces its 7th annual festival program to be held on Saturday, March 19 and 20, 2016 in Toronto...