Indreni Khojdai Jada (Chasing Rainbows)

This fiction drama centers on the life of three siblings who have migrated to Kathmandu - centre of the Nepali universe. The siblings are young, modern, educated, fun loving, and usually full of life, but with limited access to materialistic privileges. This small budget film abandons cinema’s...

Nabhaniyeko Katha (The Untold Story)

During the ten-year Maoist insurgency, many human rights were violated, both by the government and the rebel forces. This powerful documentary is based on an incident in March 2006 when an eighth grade student was accused of being a Maoist and taken into custody from her home by the Nepal Army. She...

The Sound of One Leg Dancing

This film is about Mina, who lost one of her legs at a young age in a domestic accident. Mina comes from a meager farming family in the western Nepal. Despite her disability, she is an exceptionally gifted dancer. The film follows her as she goes to compete in a dance competition. She enters the...

Nepal’s Slave Girls

The term ‘Kamlaris’ refer to the daughters of indebted Tharu farmers, who are indigenous to western plains of Nepal. Many of these indebted Tharu farmers were forced into bonded labour until recently untill the practice was outlawed by the Nepali government. This documentary made by the well-known...


This short documentary is based on incidents that occurred in 2012 in a small village in the southern plains of mid-western Nepal during the Maoist insurgency. Two communities, Yadavs and Tharus who were in opposing sides during the insurgency have not reconciled their differences yet. Amidst the...


Inspired from the filmmakers’ visit to the historic city of Bhaktapur located in Kathmandu valley, this imaginative animation tells a tale of a city under barbaric siege. With brilliant use of drawings, colours and architectural forms, the animation paints a beautiful picture of human awakening.

This is My Life

According to the 2001 Nepali census, 9% of Nepalis are Buddhists. This touching short documentary follows two teenage monks, Tsultrim Namgyal and Ratna Mangalam who left their homes in rural Nepal at a young age and came to study the Buddhist Dharma in Kathmandu. As residents of Riwoche Monastery...

Bal Krishna Sama, Untold Story

Sama in Nepali means equal. This fiction drama is named after the famous Nepali playwright late Bal Krishna Sama, who gave up his elite caste name Shumshere Jung Bahadur Rana and started using Sama as his last name. Set in current day far-western Nepal among the beautiful hills, the film focuses on...

In Nepal, Exiled Each Month

In far-western hills of Nepal, an age-old tradition called ‘Chaupadi’ is still practiced today. Rooted in Hinduism, this shameful practice involves girls and women leaving their homes during menstruation to live in a ‘Goth,’ usually a small and shabby hut. This beautifully-shot documentary produced...

TNFF Announces its 6th Annual Film Festival Selections

20th February 2015
Contact: Lakshya Dhungana
E-mail: Toronto, ON – Toronto Nepali Film Festival (TNFF) announces its 6th annual festival to be held on Saturday, March 28th 2015 at Innis Town Hall in Toronto.  TNFF is pleased to present this year’...