TNFF Announces its 6th Annual Film Festival Selections

20th February 2015
Contact: Lakshya Dhungana
E-mail: Toronto, ON – Toronto Nepali Film Festival (TNFF) announces its 6th annual festival to be held on Saturday, March 28th 2015 at Innis Town Hall in Toronto.  TNFF is pleased to present this year’...

From Conversation to Execution

Sirjana Pant is a founding member of TNFF, and has been with the organization at every turn, from its earliest stage. TNFF began, in her words, as a conversation among some friends all that were interested to “engage in contemporary social issues in Nepal and bring those conversations to the...

Spirit of Volunteerism

TNFF began with an audacious vision of a few dedicated volunteers to coalesce and swell in Toronto the recognition of Nepali culture, its situation and imagery. What had started as a modest but noble venture is soundly blooming annually into an event that is faithful to its original goals and...

HIGHWAY successfully screens in Toronto

The fifth year of TNFF began with the screening of one of the most successful Nepali films, Highway.  On September 8, the OSIE auditorium hall was filled with 200 audiences who experienced this feature film, which has also been called the “harbinger of a new era in Nepali filmmaking”. Mr. Deepak...

Mukondo (Mask of Desire)

Nepal’s submission to the 73rd Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film, Mukondo is set in Kathmandu of 1990s. This psychological drama centers on middle class life of Dipak and his wife Saraswati, who desperately desires for a son. Saraswati’s distraught circumstances make her appeal to a...

Chhintang Doesn’t Believe In Tears

This powerful documentary traces the Chhintang Massacre of 15 people by government security forces in Dhankuta in eastern hills of Nepal in 1980. The security forces’ action was carried out to suppress the Communist movement in the indigenous Kirat communities of the region. The Chhintang community...

Kadamandu - A Story of Nepali Village

This documentary is about Kadamandu, a village in Doti in far western Nepal. Instead of heading to Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital and largest metropolitan, men folk from Kadamandu have for generations left for Mumbai as migrant workers because of its relative proximity. In recent years, the migrant...

Yomari Ya Bankhan

This documentary is about Yomari, a unique delicacy of the Newars who are indigenous to Kathmandu Valley. Prepared on joyous occasions and festivals, the film highlights the religious and symbolic significance of the delicacy.

Bhutharuko Dushman (The Enemy of Ghosts)

This fascinating documentary is set in the Dhorpatan region, in western Nepal. It follows the traditional rituals followed by the Nishi village community. Local shamans and his entourage of Kapais (youth who have received Mantra from the shamans) perform shamanistic rituals to fight off the ghosts...

False Spring

Set in the city of Prague, this visually stunning short is a portrait of an elderly man Janus and his interlude with a young woman on a warm spring day on the banks of Vltava River. The film juxtaposes lethargy of aging and vitality of youth.