Spirit of Volunteerism

TNFF began with an audacious vision of a few dedicated volunteers to coalesce and swell in Toronto the recognition of Nepali culture, its situation and imagery. What had started as a modest but noble venture is soundly blooming annually into an event that is faithful to its original goals and increasingly maintained to its core charge.

Since its beginning, TNFF has relied on its volunteers to be a successful endeavor each year. It is the passion and commitment that the volunteers approach their commitments with on which TNFF is built. Each successive event has evolved by inspiring new ideas and attracting new volunteers, and each year is given plenty room for improvement by virtue of the creative and intellectual freedom granted to every enlister. Each volunteer can expect an environment that values and challenges his or her essential skills.

Volunteers entering the organization with enthusiasm will leave with a sense of fulfillment after completing the formidable task of managing a film festival. They can also experience firsthand the inner workings of TNFF and share the cooperation while moving toward a singular vision. Him Ranjit, previously a spectator and a subsequent volunteer, says the program “has helped me get a better understanding of the arts and culture of Nepal through broad arrays of films.” The goal of the organization is to do just that, and the initiative of the volunteers is to propagate this singular sentiment to everyone in Toronto and beyond.

Join the TNFF team

Becoming a volunteer means showing your interest and effort at making TNFF the most successful event it can be. Anyone interested in supporting TNFF can sign up by contacting to request an application. Completed applications can be submitted to for a confirmation email. Volunteers can expect to work for the curatorial, financial, marketing, PR, operational or sales team depending on their interest.