TNFF Announces 6th Annual Film Festival Selections

20th February 2015
Contact: Lakshya Dhungana
E-mail: info@tnff.ca

Toronto, ON – Toronto Nepali Film Festival (TNFF) announces its 6th annual festival to be held on Saturday, March 28th 2015 at Innis Town Hall in Toronto.  TNFF is pleased to present this year’s festival programmed by Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF).  KIMFF has been organizing film festivals in Nepal since 2000, showcasing films exploring narratives of cultural practices, lifestyles, conflicts, wildlife, mountain-climbing, globalization, gender and the environment.  

This year’s program consists of seven films consisting of shorts and feature length films, both fiction and documentary. Red Monsoon is a gripping domestic drama revolving around a patriarchal society. The Contagious Apparitions of Dambarey Dendrite is an trippy and innovative short fiction centering around the life of Dambarey, who lives among the piles of disposed waste of Kathmandu. Savitri is a beautifully filmed short about a young middle-class Savitri, who gets restless with her mundane government job. Kyar Kyar Pankha (translated as the squeaking table fan) delicately uses the squeaking fan as a metaphor for the life of Sampat, who works in electronic repair shop in the metropolis of Kathmandu. Sunakali is an uplifting documentary about a girls’ soccer team from a remote area in Nepal and their journey to the national finals. Pawan is a relevant portrayal of a young and energetic boy who has migrated with his parents to the United Kingdom from a rural area in Nepal.  The award-winning Who will be Gurkha is a brilliant documentary of the rigorous recruitment process of the British Gurkha forces in Nepal.

The films of TNFF 2015 portray lives of Nepalis within different regions of Nepal and abroad. Some of the featured films provide stories of prescribed ideas of success and constraints on individual aspirations.  Some expose the human tribulations in terrains far away from “modern, city life”.  The films’ power lies in ability to beautifully weave together joy and humor in lives of the characters depicted in the films. TNFF is thrilled to bring another festival of films with something for all.