TNFF Raises $11,031 for Nepal Earthquake Relief

We are happy to announce that we have raised $11,031 from our fundraising for Nepal earthquake relief - REBUILDING NEPAL. All the proceeds will be dispatched to Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON), who are actively working for relief and rebuilding in the hardest hit districts in Nepal. Here is a New York Times article that mentioned AYON. We will continue to accept donations through our website and we plan to dispatch more funds to AYON in the future.

We are grateful to Richard Fung, John Greyson and Peter Sramek for their support for our fundraiser. A big thank you to our community partners: OCAD University, Hot Docs, ImagineNATIVE, Reel Asian, Planet in Focus, South Asian Visual Arts Centre, York University Film and Centre for Women's Studies in Education. And big hearty thank you to all those who contributed:


John Miller

Alexis Mitchell - $20.00

Nora Gold

Balaram Giree

Adam Linnard

S Stoneman

Leslie McGrath

June Chua


Marygold Bhandari - $500

J Everard

Diwaker Malla

Hari Gurung

Joan Miles

Alden b Cambell

Kathy Bickmore

Kara Moskawitz

Banusha Mahendren

Nina Bascia

Daniel Northway-Frank

Elizbeth Hale

Julia Bielecka

Aly Kara

Maria Kibria

Moira Hennebury

Michele Fazarie

John Greyson and Stephen Andrews - $350

Amal Mohamed


Sudikshya Karmacharya

Yesha Subba

Lorena Gajardo

Shelagh Keelay

Christopher Gehman

Salah Hassanpour

Tom Robles

Nikunja Nepal

Sarah Crapenter - $50.00

Jennifer Jonas

Linda Tabar

B.H. Yael

Wendy Coburn

Gelek Badheytsang

Anil Thapa

Srijana Pant - $20.00

Angela Lytle

Anthony Souza


Uttam Makaju - $25.00

Abhudaya Poudyal


Fran Lloyd - $100.00


Narahari Timalsin

Sabin Ninglekhu - $20.00

Parag Shrestha - $30.00


Prasade and Meghana - $100.00

Aruna Poudel

Wendy Coburn  -$250.00

Yesha - $25.00

John Greyson - $25.00

Angela Miles

Richard Fung - $525

Yogendra & Jurika Shakya - $175

April Hickox

Isherwood Geostructural Engineers - $4300.00

Juliana Coughlin

& 37 other contributors who chose to remain anonymous