TNFF 2014 Schedule


Venue: Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St, Toronto [Google Map]
Doors open: 6:30pm

Session A: $15
Festival pass: $35 Good Value
Gold pass: $50 Best Value

Session A
Time Program
6:30pm Doors open
6:50pm Welcome remarks
6:55pm Introduction by co-presenters I (SAVAC)
6:57pm Introduction by co-presenter II (Reel Asian)
7:00pm Saas Fere Jasto Lagcha (25m) by Santosh Bhattarai
7:25pm Chasing Rainbow (88m) by Sahara Sharma
9:00pm Sessions Ends


Venue: Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave, Toronto [Google Map]
Doors open: 12:30pm

Session B: $15
Session C: $15
Session D: $20
Festival pass: $35 Good Value
Gold pass: $50 Best Value

Session B
Time Program
12:30pm Doors open
12:45pm Welcome remarks
1:00pm Introduction by co-presenter (NJAC/Hot Docs)
1:10pm The Untold Story (15m) by Loonibha Tuladhar
1:25pm The Sound of One Leg Dancing (30m) by Dila Dilman
1:55pm Nepal's Slave Girls (29m) by Subina Shrestha
2:25pm Sakhi (25m) by Mohan Ra & Santosh Regmi
2:50pm Session ends
Session C
Time Program
3:45pm Door Opens
3:50pm Introducton by co-presenter (Film South Asia/Diaspora/CWSE)
4:00pm Awakening (6m) by Deepak Limbu
4:10pm This is My Life (21m) by Amber Bemak
4:35pm Bal Krishna Sama (71m) by Dinesh Palpali (Recorded Q&A 5min)
5:45pm Filmmaking Workshop​
6:30pm Sessions ends
Session D
Time Program
6:45pm Introduction by co-presenter (WHRI/NRN)
7:00pm In Nepal Exiled Each Month (5m) by Allison Shelly​
7:05pm Soongava, Dance of Orchids (85m) by Subarna Thapa
8:30pm Q & A with Subarna Thapa
8:55pm Award Announcement followed by Closing Remarks
9:10pm Entertainment
9:30pm Session ends

Disclaimer: Any views represented in the films, political or otherwise are the views of the filmmakers and not of TNFF.