Nabhaniyeko Katha (The Untold Story)

Nabhaniyeko Katha (The Untold Story)



15 mins

Nepali w/ English subtitles



During the ten-year Maoist insurgency, many human rights were violated, both by the government and the rebel forces. This powerful documentary is based on an incident in March 2006 when an eighth grade student was accused of being a Maoist and taken into custody from her home by the Nepal Army. She was wrongfully imprisoned for thirty-eight days and her life has changed forever. Of the many untold stories from the conflict period, this is a courageous narrative of a young Indigenous woman from the southern plains as she looks forward to life.


Loonibha Tuladhar

Loonibha Tuladhar studied acting and directing at The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in India. She is also one of the participants of the first Directing Workshop for women Indigenous filmmakers by the Indigenous Film Archive in Kathmandu. Her first film was Samali(The Escort) produced in 2008 and her second film Buwegu Manatuna (The Spinner of Flights) bagged an Encouragement Award at the Nepal International Indigenous Film festival in 2011. The Spinner of Flights was also screened at TNFF 2012 and at the ImagineNative Film + Media Arts Festival in 2011.

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