15 mins

Khasg and Nepali with English Subtitles



“When will a train from Karnali to Bombay commence? Fate’s game, unfulfilled will remain heart’s yearning. Oh ... Karnaili’s flood ... when will you reach Bombay?” Set in a village in the mountainous Jumla in far western Nepal, this stunning film takes place during the first elections in Nepal after the Maoist conflict period. Soulful flute melodies and the constantly flowing waters of Karnali intertwine to tell a poignant story of young Bijuli, and of love, migration, separation and longing.


Min Bahadur Bham

Min Bahadur Bham is Assistant Professor at the Oscar International College of Film Studies program of Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu. He is also the President of Independent Film Society of Nepal, and Programming Director of Ekadeshma Film Festival.

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Previous Screening and Awards:

69th Venice International Film Festival, 2012

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, 2012

Ekadeshma Film Festival, Kathmandu, 2012

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