In Nepal, Exiled Each Month

In Nepal, Exiled Each Month



4 mins

Nepali with English Subtitles



In far-western hills of Nepal, an age-old tradition called ‘Chaupadi’ is still practiced today. Rooted in Hinduism, this shameful practice involves girls and women leaving their homes during menstruation to live in a ‘Goth,’ usually a small and shabby hut. This beautifully shot, New York Times produced documentary sheds light on the issues around ‘Chaupadi.’


Allison Shelly​

Allison Shelley is a documentary photographer and multimedia creator. Previously director of photography for Education Week newspaper and staff photographer for the Washington Times, Allison is co-director of the Women Photojournalists of Washington and teaches Photojournalism in graduate program at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. Her projects have been supported by the Pulitzer Centre, the White House News Photographers Association and the International Reporting Project. 

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