Kalli (Silver Anklets)

Kalli (Silver Anklets)



15 mins

Newari with English Subtitles



This poignant short film is about Nani Maiya, a young housewife, who is pressured by her mother-in-law to have children. When she suddenly finds out that plans are being made for her husband to get a second wife due to her childlessness, Nani Maiya needs to make a big decision on how to ride out the challenge she is facing under the shroud of society’s expectation of motherhood.


Rakesh Maharjan

This is a diploma film by director Rakesh Maharjan who has completed his Diploma in Film Direction from Oscar International College, Kathmandu. Maharjan has also directed various projects and short movies at his college. He wants to give Nepali films an international stand by using films as a medium to represent Nepali lives.

Rakesh Maharjan

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