Khusi Bhaneko (A Thing Called Happiness)

Khusi Bhaneko (A Thing Called Happiness)



7 mins

Nepali with English Subtitles



This film is a collection of thoughts on happiness from the people living in different places in Nepal. It is a simple look into contemporary Nepal and the people who live in it, yet its theme is universal.


Anya Vaverko

Anya Vaverko was born in Ukraine, grew up in New York and has been connected with Nepal since 2003. She studied photojournalism at University of Texas in Austin, and has been living in Nepal since 2009, where she is the cofounder of Sattya Media Arts Collective. This is her second short film.

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Previous Screening and Awards

[email protected], Sattya Media Arts Collective, Kathmandu, 2011

Local Shorts Screening Series, Times Square Mall, Kathmandu, 2011

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