Laaz (The Shame)

Laaz (The Shame)



20 mins

Nepali and Tharu with English Subtitles



Laaz (The Shame) is a satirical story. Bhagwaray has been recently freed from bonded labour in the plains of western Nepal. Amidst government's historic decision to abolish bonded labour, the lack of an effective government program to help the freed labourers’ transition to the ‘free’ society, and the disputes among the contesting local political parties, Bhagwaray has difficulty finding a fabric to sew his underwear.


Sushan Prajapati

Sushan Prajapati is a graduate of College of Film Studies (Nepal )with degree in Motion Picture Photography. He began his career as a cinematographer. His work was appreciated in feature films like Karkash, Apabaad, Shanguro. Laaz is his directorial debut.

Sushan Prajapati

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